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Here is a useful French expression explained to you, I will give you some examples below on how it can be easily used in your French GCSE exam or in everyday conversation in French : A mes yeux 👌

French expression a mes yeux
A mes yeux

A mes yeux Meaning in English

a mes yeux

A mes yeux means literally “in my eyes”. It is the way of expressing how you see things 👁

It is comparable to ‘in my book’, ‘in my view” in English

How to express opinions in French

“A mes yeux” is a French expression useful to express opinion in French, other ways of expressing opinions in French are :

  • Selon moi
  • A mon avis
  • Je pense que
  • En ce qui me concerne
    However, it is usually used in a deep way of thinking. This is the way you see things. You don’t use it to say, at what time you think the bus will arrive, it is meant to be used in a more meaningful conversation.
    How can I use it in my French GCSE or everyday conversation in French ?

A mes yeux French examples

It is recommended to get top marks in your French GCSE exam to express opinions in French.

It is also recommended to use French expressions to get a higher mark, therefore if you use this expression “A mes yeux”, you use both !

For example :

French GCSE Questions

Pensez-vous que porter l’uniforme à l’école soit important ?
A mes yeux, porter l’uniforme est important car cela aide à réduire les différences sociales

Do you think that wearing uniform at school is important ?
In my opinion, wearing uniform is important because it helps reducing social differences

Que pensez-vous du recyclage des déchets ?
A mes yeux, le recyclage des déchets est important car cela aide à préserver l’environnement

What do you think of waste recycling ?
In my opinion, waste recycling is important because it helps preserving the environment

Everyday French conversation

In colloquial French conversation, I recommend that you use it in conjonction with another adjective, for example,

C’est important à mes yeux de ne pas être en retard à un rendez-vous. It is important in my view not to be late for an appointment.

C’est précieux à mes yeux de préserver la nature et les animaux sauvages. It is precious in my view to preserve nature and wild life.

You can also use it to insist on your opinion, such as :

Je tiens à préciser que c’est important à mes yeux. I want to emphasize that this is important for me.

Other French expressions with yeux in French

Here are some top French expressions with eyes

1O top expressions with eyes in French “yeux”

1. La prunelle de mes yeux

The apple of my eye. Mon bébé est la prunelle de mes yeux. My baby is the apple of my eye.

2. Jeter de la poudre aux yeux

It is a just a smokescreen. For example, “Elle n’est pas riche mais elle aime jeter de la poudre aux yeux”. She is not rich but she likes to show off.

3. Avoir le compas dans l’œil

to have an accurate eye. For example, “Elle a le compas dans l’oeil, elle n’a pas besoin de mesurer”. She has an accurate eye. She doesn’t need to measure anything.

4. Aux doigts et à l’oeil

To obey every word. For example, “Il obéit aux doigts et à l’oeil”. He obeys every command.

5. Taper dans l’œil

To get noticed. For example, “Elle m’a tapé dans l’oeil”. I couldn’t help but notice her.

6. Agir les yeux fermés

with your eyes closed. For example, “je n’ai aucun doute. Vous pouvez agir les yeux fermés”. I have no doubt. You can act with your eyes closed.

7. Avoir bon pied, bon oeil

To be fit. For example, “malgré son grand âge, elle a toujours bon pied, bon oeil”. Despite her old age, she is still fit.

8. En un clin d’oeil

In one eye blink. For example, “Je l’ai fait en un clin d’oeil”. I’ve done it very quickly and easily.

9. Avoir les yeux plus gros que le ventre

To bite off more than you can chew. For example, “Elle a eu les yeux plus gros que le ventre”. She bit off more than she could chew.

10. Sauter aux yeux

To be obvious. “Cela sautait aux yeux”. It was obvious.

A mes yeux video

A mes yeux video

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