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Food in French song – Here is a little song to help you learn typical food in French and also how to use ‘some’ in French. What do you think ‘miam miam’ means ✅

Food in French song transcript

J’aime le poisson pané, le poulet frit, le steak haché
J’aime le fromage râpé, la pizza, la purée
J’aime le yaourt aux fruits, la tarte aussi, la mousse aussi
J’aime la glace à la fraise
Mais pas les brocolis
Le poisson pané, le poulet frit, la glace à la fraise, le steak haché
Le brocoli

Je mange du steak haché, du poulet frit et du poisson aussi
Je mange de la pizza, de la purée aussi
Je mange de la tarte aux fruits, du chocolat, de la glace aussi
Je mange du yaourt aux fruits
Mais pas de brocolis
Le fromage râpé, le yaourt aux fruits, la pizza, la purée, la mousse au chocolat, la tarte au citron
I like breaded fish, fried chicken, hamburger
I like grated cheese, pizza, mash
I like the fruit yogurt, the pie too, the mousse too
I like strawberry ice cream
But not the broccoli
Breaded fish, fried chicken, strawberry ice cream, minced steak

I eat ground beef, fried chicken and fish too
I eat pizza, mash too
I eat fruit pie, chocolate, ice cream too
I eat fruit yogurt
But no broccoli
Grated cheese, fruit yogurt, pizza, mash, chocolate mousse, lemon pie

Food in French – How do I use ‘le, la, les’ in French

Food in French
Food in French

In French nouns are either feminine or masculine. Feminine nouns starts with ‘la’ and masculine nouns starts with ‘le’. In plural, either feminine or masculine, we use ‘les’. This is the equivalent of ‘the’ in English. You cannot know in advance in a known is masculine or féminine, the tip is to associate with something you can remember in your mind and learn it as you encounter it.

In French, unlike English we use ‘the’ all the time. For exemple, in English you say ‘ Food is expensive‘ in French we say ‘la nourriture est chère‘. We always use ‘le’, ‘la’ or ‘les’ in front of nouns.

Food in French – how do I use ‘some’ in French

In French, like in English, when we say we eat something we can say ‘we eat some chocolate’, even though the ‘some’ is optional in English, it is not in French. To make ‘some’, first you need to know if the noun is feminine or masculine or in plural.

‘Some’ are called ‘les adjectifs partitifs’ in French – This means you take a part of something. The first part of ‘some’ is always ‘de’ then it is followed by ‘le, la, les’ according to the gender of the noun.

However some forms change, for example, ‘de le’ doesn’t exist in French, it is quite ugly actually and instead we say ‘du’. Same with ‘de les’, we say ‘des’.

Note that if you use the negative form, if you use ‘ne … pas’ then ‘some’ becomes ‘de’. For example : ‘je ne mange pas de brocoli’.

Les adjectifs partitifs en françaisSingularPlural
Femininede la des
Negative : ne ….pasdede
The partitive articles table in French

Food in French song video

Here is the direct link in Youtube

Food in French song quiz

What does ‘miam miam’ means ? It means ‘yummy yummy’ in English 🙂

Voilà, this was today’s Food in French song lesson, I hope you liked it. Click here to find out about the challenge of 50 French idioms in English. These are French idioms in English.

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