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French GCSE Online Course For Free
French GCSE online course for free

Benefits of your French GCSE online course for free

This is the demo version of my brand new French GCSE online course to help you get top mark at your French GCSE Speaking and writing exam. Use it to learn French for free !

Learn French with a native (I am Belgian, my mother tongue is French, I am a French teacher, I designed this course and I recorded the videos)

► Get better value for money than private lessons (This course represents dozens if not hundreds of French classes)

► Study for your French GCSE for the comfort of your home, at your own pace, in your own time

Listen to audios, watch videos

► Do French online interactive exercises (fill in the gap, multiple choice question, choose the right answer etc …)

► Revise the French grammar and the conjugation with a colourful user-friendly summary table (see the grammar section)

► The progress bar will tell you where you are

► Get loads of downloads (summary tables and pdfs)

► Practice for your French GCSE speaking exam too (special section of the course)

► Learn the French vocabulary in Quizlet (This is an app to make learning vocabulary more fun)

What does this French GCSE Online course for free entail ?

The free course covers only three lessons but the aim of the French GCSE course in general is :

► 8 Edexcel modules and French GCSE topics

► Practicing the 4 CECRL language skills in French : Reading, writing, speaking and listening.

► 10 picture-based tasks on the different French GCSE topics

► 80 verbs conjugated in all tenses

► Dozens and dozens of exclusive videos with transcript and listening comprehension exercises

Before you start using the French GCSE Online course for free – Please read

► < to go back to the last page (top left-hand corner)

Please do not click on the link http://www.languagetutoring.online (old link)

Let me know what you think : Mailchimp survey

Click here to register to the full French GCSE Online course

Direct links to videos included in the course

Here are some of the video direct link because your browser may not show them directly 🙂

► Leçon 1 : Ma famille et mes amis : Comment t’entends-tu avec ta famille ? Watch the video in Youtube here. Listen to the French podcast here.

► Leçon 1 : Ma famille et mes amis Quelle est ta personnalité ? Watch the video in Youtube here. Read the transcript here.

► Leçon 2 : La personne que j’admire : Qu’est-ce que tu aimais lire ou regarder quand tu était plus jeune ? Watch the video here. Listen to the podcast and read the transcript here.

Détecteur de mensonge’ video link’

Note : French idioms used in this French online course

  1. Monter sur ses grand chevaux

Here is your demo course here ⬇️

Click on the back arrow to go back to the main menu on the top left inside corner < 👍
🛑 please do not click on the link http://www.languagetutoring.online (will not work :))


Discover your Free French GCSE Course to get top mark at your exam

Get exclusive access on how this course can help shift your life!

French GCSE Course exclusive videos

  1. Leçon 1: Ma famille et mes amis : Qu’est-ce qu’un bon ami ?
  2. Leçon 2: La personne que j’admire : Quelle personne vous admirez ?

Bon apprentissage du français authentique ✅👍🇫🇷

Learn French e-book


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