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French idioms and their meanings
French idioms and their meanings

10 French idioms and their meanings : the articles

Here are 10 French idioms and their meanings to speak French like a native ! Using idioms is a great way in French to impress the native and get the wow factor from your audience. It shows that you have an advanced knowledge of the language of Molière.

To help you speak French like a French person, I have made up a series of videos which explains 10 different French expressions in one time as well as what it means in English, sometimes the equivalent English expression is used in French, which makes it a great deal easier.

They are not too difficult to understand because I explain their meanings as well as where they come from and I give you practical examples on how to use these French idioms in every day conversation.

Are you a student studying for their French GCSE, in that case I have made a special compilation which French GCSE Idioms, click here to find out.

Your point of view is important to me so please don’t hesitate to make a comment to this article as well as share this article on to your social media.

I am first and foremost a French teacher and I give private classes online, please contact me for further details.

Without further ado, let’s start 🏎

This is the list of all the 10 French expressions with the link to the separate article I have written for each of them and I am continuing, the challenge is to write about 50 different expressions in the French language

  1. Être au taquet
  2. Faire la grasse matinée
  3. Jeter un coup d’oeil
  4. Faire le pont
  5. Faire gaffe
  6. Tourner la page
  7. En faire tout un fromage
  8. Tomber dans les pommes
  9. Être soupe au lait
  10. Monter sur ses grands chevaux

10 French idioms and their meanings : the video

Here is the video of the 10 French idioms and their meanings that you can find directly on Youtube here. Bon visionnement 🎥

10 French idioms and their meanings : the Millionaire quiz

Here is a little quiz I made for you, you can attempt it many times ‘tu peux retenter ta chance’ means that you can try again 👍

That’s all folks for today ! Happy Learning ! 🇫🇷❤️

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