50 French idioms to speak like a local

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Would you like to speak like a native ? Then you need to look at these 50 French idioms to impress the locals with your fantastic French 🇫🇷 ! Idiom N°1 today, one more each day, soon you will master all the intricacies of the French language !

French idioms
Challenge : 50 French idioms in 50 days

What are French idioms ?

French idioms definition
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group of words in a fixed order that have a particular meaning that is different from the meanings of each word on its own

Cambridge dictionary

In other words, knowing the meaning of the individual words won’t tell you what it means, you have to understand it as a whole.

Why learn French idioms ?

There are many reasons why one would want to learn French idioms to name but a few :

French idioms a must know
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  • They are very common and therefore useful to know !
  • They build your vocabulary in a fun way
  • They have the waow factor ! Knowing them will impress the locals !
  • They are funny sometimes !
  • They are part of the pareto law 20/80 : 20% of what you do will bring you 80% of the result.
    There are hundreds of French idioms, if you learn 50 or one a day and put it into practice, you will have more than enough to excel in French. 👍

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Without further ado, let’s start with the first of the 50 French idiomatic expressions. 😀

French idiom N°1

Avoir le coup de foudre = “to be struck by lightning ” ! ⚡️

French idiom N°1 : Avoir le coup de foudre
Avoir le coup de foudre
Avoir le coup de foudre

What do you think this means ?

We have a few clues on the picture, namely :

Thunder ⚡️ = “la foudre”
Heart ❤️ = “le coeur”
the hit 🥊 = “le coup”

Could this be love ?

Yes, “to be struck by lightning” in French means “to fall in love” ! ❤️

Examples of “avoir le coup de foudre” !

“J’ai rencontré mon mari à un soirée avec des amis et le coup de foudre fut immédiat ”
🇬🇧 “I met my husband at a friends’ party and I immediately fell in love”

J'ai le coup de foudre pour le nouveau sac de Louis Vitton
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But sorry boys or girls, it is not only about you ! 😅

“J’ai le coup de foudre pour le nouveau sac de Louis Vitton”
🇬🇧 “I am in love with Louis Vitton’s new bag”

Avoir le coup de foudre : origin

avoir le coup de foudre
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This French expression appears in the XVII century, lightning is considered as a sudden and unpleasant event which generates a lot of emotion : fear and stupefaction.😫

“Le coup” which is the point at which the lightning strikes and makes a loud noise is therefore brutal and impressive. ⚡️ It is then associated to feelings and emotions.

“La foudre” which is the actual lightning is associated to rapidity for the speed at which it strikes but also the fire that it creates. 🔥 Fire is synonym of passion. The two together makes up the expression “avoir le coup de foudre” as to fall in love is a sudden event that creates a lot of emotions 👍

Voilà, this was today’s idiom, I hope you liked it.

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And I’ll see you tomorrow for a new French idiom !

Happy learning ! 🇬🇧😀❤️

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