Eurovision popular French expression N°30 : Je me casse

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Here is a French expression used at Eurovision 2021 by Malta: Je me casse 👍

je me casse
Je me casse

Je me casse Eurovision choice

Here is the lovely Maltese singe who used that French expression in her song : Je me casse.

Je me casse Malta

Je me casse Meaning in English

Je me casse image

Je me casse is a colloquial expression and it literally means “I break myself”

In French colloquial language, it means: I’m out of here and this is usually because you are fed up, or in a bad mood or you decide very abruptly to go. It is everyday language best used with friends in an informal situation.

Je me casse examples in French

Tu n’es pas le bienvenu ici.

– D’accord, je me casse.

You’re not welcome here. All right. I go now.

J’en ai ras le bol de vous deux. Je me casse.

I’m fed up with both of you. I’m out of here.

Si tu restes, je me casse.

If you stay, I go.

Je me casse alternatives in French

Here are a few alternatives :

Je me barre

Je me tire de là

Je prends la poudre d’escampette

Conjugating je me casse

Je me casse is a reflexive verb from ‘se casser’ : to break oneself, there the conjugation in the present tense is :

Je me casse
Tu te casses
Il/elle se casse
Nous nous cassons
Vous vous cassez
Ils/elles se cassent

Je me casse using the imperative

It is very popular to use this expression in the imperative. This is an order we give. In order to say ‘go away’, I say “casse toi” or “cassez-vous” to a group of people. Please note that this is not very polite !

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