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Bonus 1 : The 24 verb sensational Nail the French Conjugation table bonus !

Twenty-four of the most important verbs conjugated in all tenses in a colour coded table to make it easy to understand and memorize.

Find out in a blink of an eye the typical endings in French for each tense !

Aim : Conjugate verbs easily ! Speak French and make no mistake. Write without conjugation mistakes.

  • Present tense
  • Past tense
  • Futur tense
  • Conditional
  • Present and past stem shortcut
  • 1st, 2nd and 2rd class verbs (er, re, ir, oir..)
  • Free PDF to download and keep !

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Bonus 2 : The complete 19 page French GCSE booklet

All the essential vocabulary, ideal if you are revising for your French GCSE or want to learn some vocabulary to talk about every day topics Audios 🎧 and Quizlet links included, to learn vocabulary in a fun way ✅

  • Family and friends
  • People
  • Leisure
  • Cinema
  • your region
  • your holidays
  • Going to the restaurant
  • School
  • Future plans and ambitions
  • The Environment and the international dimension
  • Based on the Edexcel modules 1 to 8
  • Free PDF to download and keep !

Aim : know some vocabulary for everyday conversation, learn some sentence starters to use in your French GCSE speaking or writing exam.

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