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How do you translate classroom English commands in French? Here are 25 classroom instructions in French that you must know. Included in this article is a free poster to print for home or for school and a quizz to check your fresh understanding of what these very important French classroom commands are 👩‍🏫

What are the most useful classroom language expressions to know ?

classroom instructions in French
25 Classroom instructions in French

Let’s watch the video of 25 classroom instructions in French ┃ Classroom language for beginners

This is the video I prepared earlier for you summarizing the 25 useful French classroom commands! Enjoy 😊♥️📹

25 Classroom instructions in French video

The 25 classroom instructions in French that you must know are

Here is the list of French commands in order of appearance in the video :

25 Classroom instructions poster

What are the 25 classroom instructions in French that I must know

Total Time: 5 minutes

1. Ecoutez



2. Parlez



3. Parlez plus fort

Parlez plus fort in French

Speak up

4. Répondez

Répondez in French


5. Lisez

Lisez in French


6. Ecrivez



7. Regardez



8. Montrez



9. Ouvrez vos livres

ouvrez vos livres

Open your books

10 Distribuez


Hand out

11. Levez la main

levez la main

Put your hand up

12. Levez-vous


Stand up

13. Asseyez-vous


Sit down

14. Arrêtez



15. Rangez vos affaires

Rangez vos affaires

Pack up

16. Taisez-vous


Be quiet

17. Travaillez seul

travaillez seul

Work alone

18. Travaillez à deux

Travaillez à deux

work in pairs

19. Venez au tableau

venez au tableau

Come to the board

20. Vous avez compris ?

Vous avez compris ?

Did you understand ?

21. Excusez-moi, je ne comprends pas

je ne comprends pas

Sorry I don’t understand

22. Je ne sais pas

I don’t know

23. Excusez-moi, je suis en retard

je suis en retard

Sorry I am late

24. S’il-vous-plaît



25. Merci


Thank you

Learn the French classroom vocabulary in Quizlet

Here is the link to the French classroom instructions in Quizlet, learn the vocabulary while having fun !

classroom instructions quizlet
Classroom instructions in French vocabulary link in Quizlet

Let’s do the classroom language exercise to check what we know now

Are you ready to check if you can remember these classroom phrases in english now ? Here is a classroom commands exercise that you can do online :

Click here to do the classroom instructions in French quizz !

Classroom instructions quizz
Classroom instructions quizz

Let’s download the classroom orders free poster for my bedroom or classroom

Here is the poster, you can print it in a bigger size and stick it to the wall of your bedroom or classroom, to quickly remember the classroom expressions in english ! 👍

25 Classroom instructions poster
25 Classroom instructions poster

Download it the 25 classroom commands vocabulary list here !

Let’s have somme additional school commands 👍

How to say phrases in french ► English classroom instructions :

  • Listen and repeat ► Ecoutez et répétez
  • Show me ► Montrez moi
  • Spell it ► Epelez
  • Open you book page … ► Ouvrez votre livre à la page ….
  • Take a sheet of paper ► Prenez une feuille de papier
  • Here is your homework ► Voici vos devoirs
  • You have 5 minutes left ► Il vous reste 5 minutes

What are the teacher phrases used in classroom ?

  • Where is your notebook ? ► Où est ton cahier ?
  • Who can answer the question ► Qui peut répondre à la question ?
  • Who wants to read ? ► Qui veut lire ?
  • Who hasn’t finished ? ► Qui n’a pas terminé ?
  • Have you understood? ► Avez-vous compris ?
  • What does it mean ? ► Qu’est-ce que cela veut dire ?
  • How do you say ….. in French ► Comment dit-on en français ?
  • Well done, good work ! ► Bravo, beau travail !

What are the student phrases used in classroom ?

  • I’m sorry ► Je suis désolé(e)
  • I forgot my book ► J’ai oublié mon livre
  • Can I go to the loo? ► Puis-je aller aux toilettes
  • I don’t understand ► Je ne comprends pas
  • I don’t know ► Je ne sais pas
  • What are our homework ? ► Quels sont nos devoirs ?
  • When is our homework due? ► Quand est-ce qu’on doit rendre ses devoirs ?
  • I need to leave early ► Je dois partir plus tôt
  • I have a doctor appointment ► J’ai rendez-vous chez le docteur
  • He is annoying me ► Il m’ennuie
  • I won’t do it again ► je ne le referai plus

Want to know more ? Learn about classroom objects here !

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Discover your free French GCSE speaking booklet here !

Voilà, that’s it folks for today, I hope you liked it. What about you read about my 50 French idioms challenge. Click here to find out about the challenge of 50 French idioms in English.

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And I’ll see you next time for more French idioms in English ! 👍🧡

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Hi Lara – this lesson was great I loved it!

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thanks for helping me study for my french final

Seony Rayan
Seony Rayan
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Hi Lara, I teach Primary school children French and I enjoy watching your videos. I needed a crib sheet for all the instructions in French so that my lessons can be more immersive.

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