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Hi I am Lara, do you need help with French ?

I can help you ! I am a French Teacher. I used to live in London where was a French teacher in London high school. I now live in France. Would you like to get top marks at your French GCSE exam? Would you like to learn whenever you want, wherever you want and at your own pace? I have designed a French online course which will enable you to do just that, you can try it for free down here 👍

  • E-learning course, 7 French GCSE topics, vidéos and audios
  • Interactive exercises
  • Learn vocabulary on the move (app Quizlet)
  • One blink conjugation table
  • Speaking exam preparation

What my students say of me

Before Lara I was very nervous about my French GCSE, but quickly after she began tutoring me my grades began to improve and now I couldn’t feel more confident with French. I did my GCSE recently and feel confident of a good grade – that is thanks to Lara.  She makes languages really engaging  and her sense of humour always made me smile.  Now that I have finished my French GCSE I am missing our lessons together.  She is a wonderful teacher. heart

Ben Golding

Lara has been a great teacher. I have found her to be patient and flexible in her approach to teaching. I have definitely noticed improvements in comprehension and spoken French. She has a great individual approach and I really enjoy her positive lessons with cultural immersion. I would definitely recommend Lara to others seeking to learn French.


I had lessons with Lara for 3 months this year and sadly needed to stop due to work commitments.  She is an excellent teacher and combined the learning process with fun and relevance to my business oriented needs.  She is patient and always helped explain things when I didn’t understand.  Many thanks Lara and wishing you the best. thumbsup


I can strongly recommend Clara to anyone who wants to learn French and improve their language skills. Lara has a great teaching approach which allows you to learn and have fun at the same time. She also has got a great business understanding and this was key to tailor the classes to my needs. I can see a big change in my understanding of the language in just a few months and this is thanks to Lara.


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