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Describing a town in French
Describing a town in French

Today we are looking into describing a town in French. This is important for your French GCSE exam. Here is a list of a few names of places that you can use to describe your town in French. At the end of this French lesson there will be a quizz in French, good luck 🙂

Describing a town in French

First of all you need to be able to say “there is” there are” there isn’t” and so on in French

Revision of there is in French

There isThere are There isn’tThere aren’t
Il y a un cinémaIl y a des supermarchésIl n’y a pas de bureau de posteIl n’y a pas de cathédrales
There is a cinemaThere are supermarketsThere isn’t any post officeThere aren’t any cathedrals
There is in French

Note : In front of a noun starting with a vowel, you drop the “e” and put an apostrophe, e.g.

Il n’y a pas d’aéroport / there isn’t any airport

16 names of city places in French

How do I describe a town in French ? 16 names of city places

1. un centre de loisirs

a leisure centre

2. un château

a castle

3. un marché

a market

4. un musée

a museum

5. un parc

a park

6. un stade

a stadium

7. un supermarché

a supermarket

8. un théâtre

a theatre

9. une bibliothèque

a library

10. une église

a church

11. une gare

a station

12. une mosquée

a mosque

13. un bureau de poste

a post office

14. des hôtels


15. des magasins


16. un centre commercial

a shopping centre

Watch the video

Here is the youtube short of describing a town in French

Matching game of describing a town in English

French Listening Comprehension


Here is a listening similar to the French GCSE listening at the exam. Tell me in the comments which places I am talking about. (3 marks) and I will let you know if you were right 🙂

French conversation

Qu’est qu’il y a dans ta ville ?

Dans ma ville, il y a …..

Would you like to describe your town in French ? Feel free to write a comment in the comment box

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