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Here is your fantastic GCSE French speaking booklet :

Bonus 1 : The complete 19 page GCSE French speaking booklet

In this GCSE French speaking booklet, you will find all the essential vocabulary in French, ideal if you are revising for your French GCSE or want to learn some vocabulary to talk about every day topics. Audios 🎧 and Quizlet links included, to learn vocabulary in a fun way 🤗 ✅

  • Friends and family
  • People
  • Leisure
  • Cinema
  • your region
  • your holidays
  • Going to the restaurant
  • School
  • Future plans and ambitions
  • The Environment and the international dimension
  • Based on the Edexcel modules 1 to 8
  • Free GCSE French revision guide PDF to download and keep !
GCSE French speaking booklet

GCSE French speaking booklet Aim : Acquire new vocabulary for French everyday conversation, learn some sentence starters to use in your French GCSE speaking or writing exam.

Without further ado, get your free GCSE French speaking booklet download from here, fill in your name and best email address, you will receive your free bonus by mail and will also be on the list for free videos, audios and free extra French lessons in my weekly newsletter.

Your GCSE French Speaking booklet in details

Would you like to save time during your French GCSE speaking exam revision and have time to do other things ? Are you interested in finding out how to get a 9 in GCSE French 🤔 ?

Would you like to learn French and go beyond the French basics ? Would you like to be fluent in French conversation ?

Would you like to have ready-made and hassle-free GCSE French speaking answers with audios so that you can practice the right French pronunciation ?

This GCSE French Speaking booklet has been developed to be able to answer typical GCSE French speaking questions. Furthermore, it is available below as a free download. It is made-up of a 19 page free pdf describing the essential vocabulary of the following French topics complete with audios and Quizlet links to learn French vocabulary the fun way.

List of Edexcel French language topics :

  • La famille 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 : Describe your family in French, their personality traits and how well you get on with them.
  • Mes amis et moi 👯‍♀️: Talk about your friends, describe them physically as well as their personality, say what you like doing together, use the present, past and future tense in French.
  • La personne que j’admire 🧑‍🎤 : Talk about a famous person or a person that you admire, learn to express opinion in French and describe what personal qualities they have that you admire.
  • Les loisirs 🤾‍♂️: Talk about sport in French, what sport you do, use frequency adverbs in French, say how good you are at it.
  • Les loisirs, le cinéma, la télé, la lecture 📺 : Talk about leisure in French. Discuss going to the cinema in French, what TV programmes and reading you enjoy in French, for example series French on TV or Netflix. Talk about likes and dislikes in French. Get better at expressing opinion in French.
  • Ma région 🏡: Talk about where you live in French, your area, what there is to do and describe the type of weather in French. Explain what are your region advantages and disadvantages in French. Use the present, past and future tenses in French.
  • Mes vacances ✈️ : Talk about your holidays in French, where you usually go and what your dream holiday would be like. Use the present and conditional tense in French. Express your opinion in French.
  • Au restaurant 🧑‍🍳 : Order a meal, ask for the bill and tell about your experience in French. Use the imparfait in French.
  • Mon collège 🏫: Talk about school and what your favourite school subject in French is, what you are good at, what you wear and what you prefer. Express your opinion in French. Explain the difference between the UK and French school system.
  • Mes ambitions 👍 : Talk about your ambitions in French, your ideal job and your future plans. Learn about professions in French.
  • L’environnement et la dimension internationale 🪴 : Talk about the environment in French and what you can do to save the planet. Learn some important environmental vocabulary in French. Express mild obligation in French. Find out how you can use modal verbs in French too, for example should in French.

As GCSE French speaking booklet bonuses, I have made for you free French audios of all the vocabulary and I have added the Quizlet links which I prepared of all the vocabulary lists to make it easy and more fun to learn vocabulary in French.

Without further ado, get your free GCSE French speaking booklet download from here, fill in your name and best email address, you will receive your free bonus by mail and will also be on the list for free videos, audios and free extra French lessons in my weekly newsletter.

Bonus 2 : The 24 verb sensational Nail the French Conjugation table bonus !

French Conjugation Table

Twenty-four of the most important verbs in French conjugated in all tenses in a colour coded French conjugation table to make it easy to understand and memorize French grammar.

Find out in a blink of an eye the typical French verb endings for each tense !

Aim : Conjugate verbs in French easily ! Speak French like a native and make no mistake. Write without conjugation mistakes.

  • Present tense in French
  • Passé composé
  • Futur proche French
  • Futur simple in French
  • Conditionnel
  • Present and past stem shortcut
  • 1st, 2nd and 2rd class verbs (er, re, ir, oir..)
  • Free PDF to download and keep !

Please note that the full 80 verb table will be part of the full French GCSE online course which will be able in September, please contact me and I will let you know when it is ready 👍

Other options to learn French :

Linguistic stay and Immersion in France

Would you like to get beyond the French basics once and for all? Would you like take a language holiday in the beautiful seaside resort of Les Sables d’Olonne ? Don’t you think that immersing yourself completely in a French family is the best way to learn French fast while having fun? If you answered yes to the previous questions then you need to try out our linguistic stay in the West Coast of France, by the Atlantic Ocean in France to learn French in France and have fun at the same time. Contact me for further details.

  • Beach in Les Sables d'Olonne
  • sunset in Les sable d'Olonne
  • Flowers in Les Sables D'olonne
  • Les Sables d'Olonne beach

French GCSE online course

French GCSE Complete course

Would you like to save money while learning French with a native ? Would you like to learn French when you want, where you want and at your own rhythm ? Would you like to find out how well you are doing and follow your progression in French?

This is all possible with this brand new French GCSE online course developed by me an experienced French teacher. Having taught French GCSE in London, I prepared this interactive GCSE French online course to help my students learn faster while managing the learning at their own pace.

Filled with videos, podcasts in French and French exercises that you can do online, with immediate correction in French, you can learn from your mistakes and progress with your studies on your own. If you don’t like learning French from the old same book and fancy a more interactive and lively method of learning French, to live with you own time, then this e learning French course is for you.

Available soon at an introductory rate, it covers all the eight Edexcel modules and French GCSE topics and has been designed to practice the 4 CECRL language skills in French : Reading, writing, speaking and listening. Build with the French GCSE marking schemes in mind, it will show you the tricks to get top marks at your exam. Why don’t you try the free demo without any commitment. It won’t cost you a penny and it might be a great help with your French GCSE speaking and writing exam. Leave me your contact details to find out when it is out.

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Bonne apprentissage du français authentique 🇫🇷

Lara Streel Tabatabai – French teacher

Do you want to check out the website that I am working on to help French people learn english : Here it is here : Apprendre l’anglais rapidement avec Lara