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French GCSE Course
French GCSE Course

Are you bored studying for your French GCSE exam ? Do you need to get to French B1 level.? Would you like to learn whenever you want, wherever you want and at your own pace?

You need to get a top mark at your French GCSE exam to get a good grade and you don’t know where to start, this is frustrating.

Imagine how great it could be if you could cut down the time you spent on your French GCSE exam revision and if you could speak French with ease, write the basics in French and get satisfied with your progress in French.

Help is at hand. I have designed a fully interactive French course, structured, with the idea of saving you time.

Learn French B1 – French GCSE Course

And the best of all is that you can try it free of charge here : Link to the demo version page.

Now how much time do you think this will you save ? How many hours of private lessons would that represent ? What is the value of getting top marks at your French GCSE exam?

This French online course took me months to prepare and this is what one of my student had to say about my teaching :

Before Lara I was very nervous about my French GCSE, but quickly after she began tutoring me my grades began to improve and now I couldn’t feel more confident with French. I did my GCSE recently and feel confident of a good grade – that is thanks to Lara.  She makes languages really engaging  and her sense of humour always made me smile.  Now that I have finished my French GCSE I am missing our lessons together.  She is a wonderful teacher. 

Ben Golding of Weybridge

The complete program of the French GCSE Course

This is an online French training, fully interactive with a progress bar to monitor your progress. It is made up of a selection of videos, audios, texts and interactive exercises such as

  • Select the right answer from the drop down menu
  • Match the picture to the description
  • Type in the right answer
  • True or false etc…

This is what you will get when you log into your course :

  1. Before you start : This helps you learn the instructions in French so that you can understand the instructions.
  2. Topics 

This French e-learning course is based on the French Edexcel study book and consists of 7 different topics :

  1. My friends, my family and I
    1. Describe my family
    2. Talking about my friends and I
    3. The person I admire
  2. Leisure activities
    1. Sport
    2. Cinema, TV, Reading
    3. Technology
    4. Exclusive video : ‘Pensez-vous qu’internet a tué la lecture?’
  3. My region
    1. Describe your region
    2. What would you like to do in your area
    3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of your area?
    4. Exclusive video : ‘Qu’est-ce que vous aimez dans votre région?’
  4. My holidays
    1. What I do on holiday
    2. What I did on holiday last year
    3. At the restaurant
  5. My school
    1. Describe my school and my favourite subjects
    2. Compare the school system in France and in the UK
    3. Exclusive videos: ‘Aimes-tu l’école et pourquoi?’ + ‘Quelle est ta matière préférée?’
  6. My ambitions
    1. Jobs and future ambitions
    2. What would you like to do after school?
    3. Exclusive videos: ‘Quelles ambitions avez-vous dans la vie?’ / ‘Quel est votre emploi idéal?’
  7. The environment
    1. What is most important in life
    2. What should you do to protect the environment?
    3. Exclusive video : ‘Que faites-vous pour protéger l’environnement?’

You will also be encouraged to develop your speaking and listening skills in
French, giving you the confidence you need to test out their conversational abilities for real.

French speaking activities are practices using speaking frames and interactive videos.

In every lesson, there will be a ‘describe the picture exercise’ to practice for the French GCSE speaking exam

3. Vocabulary bank : All the essential French vocabulary for each topic has been prepared in the app Quizlet : to help you learn the vocabulary in a fun way: you will find all the links there

4. Grammar : French conjugation does not need to be hard. Here is a color-coded user-friendly 24 and 80 verb conjugation table in French to help you understand French conjugation in one eye blink

5. French GCSE Speaking exam preparation :

This module is dedicated to make you practice for you speaking exam, you will find here :

  1. About the exam : Exam information and tips
  2. Role Play practice 
    1. 5 Role-play practice cards
    2. What you will see on the card
    3. What you will be asked
    4. What good answers could look like
  3. Picture-based task
    1. 10 picture-based tasks on the different French GCSE topics
    2. Essential vocabulary
    3. What you will be asked
    4. What good answers could look like
  4. Conversation
    1. 13 speaking frames based on typical French GCSE questions to help you learn easily and recycle vocabulary from one topic to the next to make your learning more efficient.

6. Literature: Here you will find a poem of Arthur Rimbaud with the listening to help you immerse in French literature.

The French grammar part :

This French online course‘s aim is to show you the grammar in a situation and then give you the opportunity to interpret the rules and practice in different types of exercises, such as type in the correct answer.

  • Conjugate the ER, IR and RE verbs.
  • The present tense, the perfect tense, the passé composé, the pluperfect, the future simple and the future proche, the conditional and the modal verbs in French.
  • The adjective and possessive pronouns.
  • The demonstrative pronouns.
  • The ‘Y’ in French.
  • The linking words
  • And much more …

The functions :

On top of learning to introduce yourself, you will also learn to express your opinions, talk about your likes and dislikes, talk about your future plans and use French idioms to add creative language (which earns you extra points) and speak French like a native.

The bonus parts :

  • The music : a selection of videos of French singers with interactive exercises to immerse you in French culture

The benefits of this French GCSE course :

All the information you need in a user-friendly, interactive and fun format. The learning has been structured, simplified and summarized by a professional and experienced teacher in a straight-to-the point delivery to enable you to spend less time on revising for your French GCSE exam and enable you to have more time to do the things you like. Get top marks at your French GCSE, make your friends and family proud but don’t waste your time or be bored, this is our motto. Learn French the easy and friendly way with a real teacher ; Lara without spending thousands of pounds on private lessons

The objectives of this French GCSE Course are

The objectives of this course are ultimately to get top marks at your French GCSE exams and to get there, these are the individual objectives :

  1. Master the vocabulary you need to express yourself in writing and orally on the 7 French GCSE topics
  2. Know how to structure your conversation, add your opinion and express yourself in the present, past and future
  3. Understand the core grammar and be able to use it correctly in every day conversational situations
  4. Immerse yourself in French culture and add personal experience to your essay or conversation.
  5. Be prepared and thus confident in your oral and writing exam.
  6. Speak French in an intelligible way and add creative language to get you additional marks
  7. Understand the gist and details of a conversation in French on the individual French GCSE topics

Who is this French online course for :

This is aimed at

  • French GCSE students who have a basic knowledge of French and want to get their French to French GCSE standards
  • Teenagers and adults who want to revise French and be able to learn it in every day situations
  • Professional who want to be able to communicate in French for their jobs and be able to attend a job interview in French
  • Travelers who want to have a bagage in French to visit French speaking countries

Who is it not for

This is not a course for beginners and the required minimum level would be a A2 which is ‘advanced beginners’ on the CECRL scale (European scale of language learning) and the idea is to move up to B1 level which is ‘intermediate’ level in French. A level of French which is deemed to be fluent enough to be an independent speaker and this is what you will be able to do as a B1 level :

This is what corresponds to the level you aim to reach :

  • Is able to understand the main points of clear texts in standard language if they are about topics with which they are familiar, whether in work, study or leisure contexts.
  • Can cope with most of the situations that might arise on a trip to areas where the language is used.
  • Is able to produce simple, coherent texts about topics with which they are familiar or in which they have a personal interest.
  • Can describe experiences, events, wishes and aspirations, as well as briefly justifying opinions or explaining plans.

How much does it cost

Well, this course is at

There is a special offer at the moment and the course is 50% off so 150€ instead of €299 but it won’t stay there for long.

Learn French B1 – French GCSE Course

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