➨ 10 things we should do to save the planet in French┃GCSE French Environment questions

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Que devrait-on faire pour sauver notre planète ? 🤭 What should we do to save the planet ? Watch the video at the end of this article 🙂

Get top marks at your French GCSE speaking exam ! In this article you will learn 10 different ways to answer GCSE French environment questions, which is part of your GCSE French Revision. You will also learn how to say should in French.

gcse french environment questions
GCSE french environment questions

How to use the conditional in French ? ┃Should in French

To be able to say what we should do to protect the environment, we need to use could or should in French. This is the conditional. Here is a table with two versions of the conditionals in French.

Je pourrais
Tu pourrais
Il/elle/on pourrait
Nous pourrions
Vous pourriez
Ils/elles pourraient
To be able to
I could
You could
He/she/ it could
We could
You could
They could
Je devrais
Tu devrais
Il/elle/on devrait
Nous devrions
Vous devriez
Ils/elles devraient
To have to
I should
You should
He/she/it should
We should
You should
They should
Could in FrenchShould in French
Conditional in French

To form the conditional in French, use the stem of the verb for the conditional and add the following endings :

  • Je ☞ ais
  • Tu ☞ ais
  • Il/elle/on ☞ ait
  • Nous ☞ ions
  • Vous ☞ iez
  • Ils/elles ☞ aient

To know which stem to use, download my free 24 verb conjugation table, check it out here 🙂

To answer the question using the conditional = On devrait/On pourrait + infinitive like the sentences below

GCSE French Environment questions

Que devrait-on faire pour sauver notre planète ?

10 things we should do to save the planet in French 🌏

1. Eteindre les appareils électriques

Turn off appliances

2. Baisser le chauffage

Turn down the heating

3. Eviter les produits jetables

Avoid disposable products

4. Acheter des produits verts

Buy green products

5. Utiliser les transports en commun

Use public transport

6. Favoriser le covoiturage

Encourage car-sharing

7. Aller au collège/ au travail en vélo

Go to school/ work by bike

8. Refuser les sacs plastiques

Turn down plastic bags

9. Fermer le robinet pendant que tu te laves les dents

Turn off the tap while you brush your teeth

10. Prendre une douche au lieu de prendre un bain

Have a shower instead of having a bath

In the French GCSE e-learning course, you will find 20 ways to save the environment in French + the complete podcast + The Quizlet link to learn the vocabulary + the quiz to validate your knowledge.

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What we should do to save the planet in video

Here is the video, enjoy 🙂

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