French classroom objects Part 1

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In this lesson you will learn about the 12 useful French classroom objects (or people 👩‍🏫) to describe your classroom in French. This is inspired by Y7 French lesson ‘Dans ma classe, il y a’ ✅ This lesson could be used as a supplement to your French lesson in the classroom. You will also watch a video about it 📹 And at the end of this lesson, I will tell you how to learn the vocabulary using flashcards 🃏🇫🇷

French classroom objects : video

Please watch the video I prepared for you in Youtube about the 12 objects in the classroom in French (or people) that could come handy to describe your classroom !

French classroom objects : list

What are the 12 French classroom objects you might find in the classroom ?

Total Time: 5 minutes

1. un professeur

un professeur

a teacher

2. des élèves


3. un bureau

un bureau

a desk

4. une table

une table

a table

5. des chaises


6. un tableau

a board

a board

7. un tableau interactif

a smart board

8. une porte

une porte

a door

9. des fenêtres


10. un ordinateur

un ordinateur

a computer

11. du désordre


untidiness/ mess

12. de mauvais élèves

bad students

Nous sommes sérieux

We are diligent.

Are you diligent ? Well done !

French classroom objects challenge

This is the solution of the translation exercice seen in the video:

French classroom objects translation exercise
French classroom objects translation exercise

French classroom objects Quizlet

This is the Quizlet link where you can learn the vocabulary of this lesson using interactive flashcards !

French classroom objects Quizlet
French classroom objects Quizlet

Voilà, that’s it folks for today, I hope you liked it. What about you read about my 50 French idioms challenge. Click here to find out about the challenge of 50 French idioms in English.

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And I’ll see you next time for more French idioms in English ! 👍🧡

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